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One of the two original major shipments of South African Boer Goats in the early 1990's (said to be 400 animals) was critically chosen and hand-picked during a six month search through the best goat herds in South Africa by an exotic animal importer from the USA named Jurgen Shultz along with his partners Norman Kohls and Tollie Jordaan.

These goats were tagged with the letters CODI / PCI and tattooed with special identifying numbers to uniquely identify the shipment.

CODI stood for "Camelids of Delaware, Inc.", the name of Mr. Shultz's exotic animal import company.

PCI stood for "Pet Center International", a California based company that handled the customs paperwork for the importing.

These CODI / PCI goats were regarded as the finest quality goats in the USA after they arrived in the country, many of their offspring earned Ennobled status.

CODI / PCI goats and their CODI / PCI offspring (those bred to other CODI / PCI goats) are 100% Straight South African and are still regarded by top breeders to be among the 'best of the best' in the country.

What  Does Codi / Pci  Mean ?

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